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26 Aug

I love Birthdays and am so sure u do too!

So lets play pretend and think that hey today is a birthday and lets make some quick and easy Chicken for all.

I have cakes for everybody…blow a candle …make a wish….and let us all gorge…

Also as much as some delicious eastern chicken and some fantastic of goodies everbodys bringing along ….SO wish could add a linky here so that everybody could add their goodies for u….

And i have taken care of the take aways too …ballons for all and Winnie will jus be back in a bit with cute little jars of honey too….

And yeah we have party caps too n loads of lemonade and chocolate delights…..

Come one …..come All……TO EXPIRIENCE A FEST OF LOVE AND…..















 With music ,dance and song…….

and belling dancing too….

And delicious fingerlicking food………





Is that how an ad would go like if u were having a festival in reality…. 








So here’s my chicken which we all so lovedddddddddddddd coz it simply , deliciously satisfied our sweety palate …..




Can a combi of honey and pepper go wrong????


Add caramalised onion and baby u have an way excelled perfecto combo…….




Its middle eastern so all i could think of was mashed potato with loads of tahini & cilantro……in a thumbs print scoop of mashed potato…..


Can it get any better ….yeah it sure can ….if u skip to ur kitchen right now…ofcourz u’ll have all the ingredients in the pantry  join in the fun too…..






For now am going to feast on the leftovers and maybe fix my self a pita sandwhich with hummous….sounds goooddddd………

it sure is……




Chicken with Caramelized Baby Onions and Honey


Serves 4, adapted from Claudia Roden’s Arabesque (an AMAZING cookbook)





1 lb pearl onions/shallots/babyonions

1 onion


2 tbsp olive oil

a pinch of saffron

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp cinnamon

1 1/2 lb chicken (I used breasts FILLETS)

salt and pepper to taste (lots of pepper if u like things hot here)

1 1/2 tbsp honey

1 bell pepper






 SALT(or stock powder) ,




*Freshly crushed  ginger,





*white , black & pink pepper crushed ,

 *lime juice ,honey & sesame oil.

 *A little bit of it all an hour or so before cooking…..






Peel the pearl onions. Chop the onion and the bell pepper.

Saute the chopped onion and pepper until softened in the oil over a medium heat in a pan or casserole large enough to hold the chicken in one layer. Stir in the saffron, ginger and cinnamon, then put in the chicken pieces. Season with salt and pepper and turn to brown them lightly all over.


Add about 1 cup water(added the juices of the chicken marinade) and cook, covered, over a low heat, turning the pieces over, for 15 minutes, or until the chicken breasts are done. Lift out the breasts and put them to one side in a glass bowl and cover with foil…

 Add the shallots or baby onions.

Stir the honey into the pan. Check the seasoning. You need quite a bit of pepper to mitigate the sweetness. 

 Cook, uncovered, until all the water has evaporated and the onions are brown, caramelized.

Return the chicken to the pan. Spoon the onions on top of them and heat through. Serve.









 THought i’ll add this to this post ,not only coz we had it the same day as the middle eastern chicken but also coz its kinda regional….portuguese is regional aint it?…..

Which is simply basically a delicious chicken soup , with rice added , where  all the ingredients in a pressure cooker and serve it wit PORTUGUESE OILVE OIL (extra virgin) and PORTUGUESE OLIVES……

Am sure there are as many variaitons as households who simmer this one and i think this is so good for a slow cooker too…..

We have a few variations oursleves and this is one…..

1) a few pieces of chicken(any cut or boneless as desired)

2) some basmati rice

3) a few cloves pierced to halved onions

4)some crushed garlic

5)salt to taste

~~~Place all of the above in the pot ur cooking in and ur done……


Healthy, hearty and filling too…….


Mango Creamz…in Blooming Dreamz

10 Jun

Now im a total Mango lover and love those Cakes and Cupcakes, Mango Jam and jellies, Mangada and Mango Dollies and Mango Candy but dont fancy
[ie dont like at all] Mango ICecream and Mango Mouse ,  yet am gaga over this MAngo CUrd…. well but aint here to figure my taste buds ,but only indulge them …and hope to indulge urs too , ALONGWITH mine!!!


+ its the mango season in Goa and though i love to simmer a batch of mangada every year with goan mangoes i love a good cake too , a good mango cake and this is a good moist one.


I did read Cafe Fernando’s Super Mango and Passion Fruit Curd  and ALoha Worlds Mango Curd  and my Lemon Curd before coming up with this.

Bon Apetit also had a recipe but the reviews werent high on mango flav and i did have lods of Puree.

For this Amount of puree im sure the quantity of eggs would be more than double  of what i used, but i like it jus this way……Intense Mangoey flavor with less egg!


  • 5 yolks + 2 whole eggs
  • 2 cups sugar [ d mangoes i used were pretty sweet, so if using tart mangoes maybe u’d need to decrease or as per taste]
  • 75 grams salted + 50 unsalted,at room temperature [ u could use all unsalted butter and add a pinch of salt , but i love what salted butter add to the flav-now u could decrease the butter very sucessfully , i didn weigh any ,but i think i did add more than 150 grms but i think less would be fine and better]
  • 3 cups mango puree  with  juice of  1 little lime.


2]PLACE GLASS / steel BOWL [that fits into the pan jus rite to make it a couble boiler]  WITH 1CUP SUGAR AND 100 GRAMS BUTTER [ mix of both if using both].
Simmer whisking well till butter and sugar dissolves.



5] Add to the Butter and SUgar and whisk again and Keep the bowl back on the flame on the pan of simmering water.

6] Now u need to keep stirring till its real thick and sticks well to the spoon and it took me almost 2hours for this quantity.
But u could keep it directly in the pan , instead of double boiler, but never let it boil , and let the flame be really low.
I tried a little in the micro too ,and it thicken really well ,pretty fast, all u need is micro where ever u have to keep it on the flame, but do stir every 30 seconds.
Goes quite fast too.

7]The consistency , will be thicker than that of Lemon curd, clings very thickly to the spoon.

Almost Custardy than liquidy and very wobbly , as if its set kinda.

How to check its Done?
What i did,and it quite worked ,is that, pop in a few little bowls in the freezer when u begin , and as and when u think its getting done, heap a nice Teaspoon full into the bowls and pop back in the freezer for a few seconds:-)
Well check the consistency and flav, and yeah u can add a bit more sugar if u want too ,too:-))

I wanted to add a vanilla bean for the cutey vanilla specs and A delicious addition of flavour, but what i did instead was have a over load of vanilla beans in the cake below:-)

Now if this curd , when done, as it is here, in the microwave, stirred in between , every 20 seconds, u get a toffish kinda glazy kinda fudgy curd, try it with a little Bowl…………ITS DIFFERENT:-))



A super delicious Absolutely buttery mango cake with a fresh mango layer in between and topped with MAngo and doted with salted butter too!!!!!!!!!!

Why MAngo +++, coz there’s Mango everywhere, in the batter, in between and atop…..u jus cant miss the large mango bites…delicious……

When HAVE d CAKE, one of d wonderful groups am a member of, chose ButterMilk Cake , well Gerri and Rena  thanxx for the wonderful Choice, i was more than jus happy….coz ,most of the buttermilk cakes i loved ,had fruits and am totally donnuty at the moment for fruity delights.
HAve quite a few more bookmarked and another baked too, and maybe i’ll post another one Jus about soon…

U can sub Sour cream for buttermilk ,but i prefer buttermilk:-))
And added lods of Mango Curd too:-))

What exactly is buttermilk? [as far as my knowledge, exprnce and reading goes:-)]
Well the only commercial one we ger readily here, is a lightly spiced watery one:-)
Really good for marinating meats though, But the water i strain after draining yogurt thru a cheese cloth is also butter milk[BM] to me,  but thats talking of the low fat kinda buttermilk.

Now for the sake of the word Butter in BM [lol], lets get to the thicker version of BM, i normally would use some yogurt [almost always make buttermilk at home] with half&half and whole , let it stand in a warm place for a thick buttery BM…
Not convinced???????????????
Well then i love the CRUZE‘s BM story as muc as their Delicious good BM pound Cake too….

There’s lods to learn about buttermilk all around the place too, and i loved reading about BM here , here and here too!!!

What i did was whisk some yogurt [Nestle curd], add some warm half and half[lite cream] and let stand for 3 hours…perfect!!

Before we get back to our buttery MANgo BM Cake, featured here [yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!]

For the MANGO CAKE HERE , i read this recipe at Trini GOurmet , a good mango cake, and GELs Kitchen Mango Cake 

Buttery Yummy Delicious MAngo Cake
Adapted From NY times ,a butter cake by MArgaret Brauns


  • 5 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups (4 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
  • 4 1/2 cups sugar, plus 1/2 cup for sprinkling
  • 4 large eggs [or 6 if u skip the mango curd]
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract [i used 3 whole vanilla beans]
  • Finely grated zest of 4 lemons (for lemon cake, but i do love what it did to the mango cake]
  • Juice of 1 lemon (for lemon cake-optional]
  • 1.5 cups sour cream
  • 1.5 cups Mango chunky mango bits with juice
  • [as i chopped a few mangoes, i had pieces from the cups and thick puree from the seeds]
  • 3/4 cup mango curd[am sure i added a bit more:-)]

Mia’s Notes
~~~this quantity makes quite a bit of cake, i halved it and still had lods of cake
~~~if making a few cuppys too, tip the tops with some mango Curd …delicious!
~~~love the crust that forms atop with the sprinkled sugar:-)
~~~the original called for 6eggs but since i had mango curd ,i cut it down to 4:-))


1.Preheat oven to 325 degrees. 
Butter and flour two 10-inch round cake pans. 
I buttered a few heart shaped cuppy cakes moulds and a large mould.
Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
2.In another bowl, cream the butter and 4 1/2 cups of sugar until fluffy. 
Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. 
Stir in the vanilla or scrape the vanilla seeds into the batter.
Add the lemon zest and juice and the cubed mango pieces and puree mash.
3.Add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture, alternating with the buttermilk and mango curd.
Scrape batter into prepared cake pans.
A few cakes , were half filled, a mango slice inbetween and then covered with batter again!
4.Sprinkle the remaining 1/2 cup of the sugar on top of the batter or a mango slice if u want too or both!
Bake until set, when a cake tester inserted in center comes out clean (about 1 hour).
5.Let the cakes cool in their pans, and then invert them onto a rack.
 Right outa the oven , we popped a few ,right into our mouths….warm and tender and so so soft……
 Delicious and butterly so…..flavor sure develops the next day!!!
Some part of the cake was almost like a pudding cake….
While some was soft and tender…….
  • nOTE -With this dessert the Lees suggest a dry Champagne, like Veuve Clicquot.

Now for the GIveAway…. avery pretty Giveaway……

See those tiny specs of Vanilla beans up in the pic , arent they so pretty besides being so very flavourful and aromatic?
If u want some then hop here , send us a recipe and u could soon find some beans at ur door step.


3 Mar

Hiii Every Body,if ur here , u Love Goa as much as u are proud member of Curtorim Village.

We are soo happy and proud to have u here too .

We want to hear what u have to say , and not only say , but we want to publish ur fav recipes , right here at CV foodies zone.

Yeah , ur recipes , all u need to do is email us ur recipe , with a nice pic or 2 or even more , ur fav home traditional recipe or otherwise.

Add to it the info , ur info ,u would like us to publish and pic too , if u want , all that will be added ,also , to our hall of fame , here ,on CV foodies zone.

Thats all.

To be eligible all u need to do is Like CV on Facebook here and Follow CV foodies HERE.

ANd thats not all , from all the entries ,we will pick the best , of the best,and u will receive a nice stash of Vanilla beans , will post all the deliciousness of the beans here soon , till then u can read about them here and here.

Email ur recipes to with ”RECIPE 4 CV” in the subject and i will update the blog every week , and more if possible , + i will add ur details and links to the YOUR RECIPE page on CV foodies.

So run on , write ur recipes , with clear instructions and ingredients ,and the best of the best , will win a prize , and if there are too many entries , that might jus be 2 or 3 prizes.

Another thing , prizes will be to a goan address ,as far as possible , so if u arent in Goa , u can send it to ur friend in Goa or even family.

All the best and so looking forward to hear from u all.


Mia and the Gang at CV.


3 Mar

Clear soup is a makes for a delicious yet healthy late evening snack & we usually have a round of soups way before dinner.

Plus its perfect for the Summery months where eating lite is one of the best way thru the heat and humidity.

Ofcourse we love rich soups too but i love working my way towards healthy options at the most with a drizzle of portuguese extra virgin olive oil while serving.

This is an absolutely delicious ,quick to put by chicken soup with red peppers & a zucchinni green pea garnish. Tried a smoked zuchinni & red pepper garnish too & loved the sweet smoky flavours that develop.

Now all u do is place all the ingredients in a pressure cooker,easy peasy,thats so easydid have one change of water before i sealed it though,read here for more on it and when its done add the red peppers & frozen green peas saving some for garnish. would have loved to add sliced mushrooms & a sprig of parsely here…..and mushrooms ,panner or tofu,broccoli will fit like a glove for a veggie version of this soup.

I loved the flavour ginger lends to this clear soup & an addition of glass noodles or drop egg would be lovely too but i didn wanna repeat this quick.

U can sure flavour this one with garlic too and cinnamon or any sweet spice in place of cloves but i simply love this combination

Chicken Thigh on Foodista

1 pound of chicken(i used one thigh & few bony pieces but a breast fillet would be great too)

a nice piece of ginger crushed

1-2 onions finely chopped

a few cloves

salt to taste(or a little stock powder)

pepper(as per taste-i didn use this)

1. Place all of the above with enough water and pressure cook for 2 whistles.

2. Red peppers-sliced or cubed

Zuchinni- sliced to garnish

Frozen or boiled peas as per taste


3. Add the green peas finally  if frozen as they are done in a jiffy.

4. serve hot clear soup garnished with shredded chicken,zuchinni,green peas & red peppers.

DIDn add even a tsp of oil ,its all from the chicken only but would taste great with a dash of extra virgin surely.


25 Feb

Creamy in texture & color,rich & zingy in taste, gets around as a topping /accompaniment for lots,yes its the so versatile zingy lemony ‘lemon curd’It was the begining of feb, i still remember.It was hardly over a month that i had an oven now(after a seemingly longbreak) & a little under a month that the little corner had more visits coming its way,than our neighbouring doc with all my trays of cakes & more cakes.Almost a month into cakelings that wanted to dig something “different”…

Lemons on Foodista

As was leafing thru the baking book i had,the lone one the other being chocolate.I dont have a big collection of cookery books but would love to start soon with cookie craft maybe or a martha or nigella, i chanced upon the lemon bars ,little knowing that this would lead me to an exciting discovery that this was what i loved so much but didn know them by their famous ,insatntly recognible name,as in lemon curd or how easy to put by it was.Oh i’ve been eating tiny lemony tarts all my like,but i didn know the well piped in filling in the buttery crust is ‘lemon curd’ or called that. When i begin on the lemon bars i didn know what to expect but thru the journey my excitement was building up like a 7th sense kinda….

Today again as i prepare to stir in a pot of lemon curd that i know so well,i’m still excited…still big on this & have been champing on this bit,as brite eyed & bushy tailed as an eager beaver……I did already bake a lemon tart too but hadn made the curd i so often craved for yet…its so simple & quick,i now ask my self why.

Ok this is also for the next recipe am posting to combine with.

Read around place ,saw a couple of methods &zero’d in on rachel allen’s zingy lemon curd ..oh there are different recipes online but i liked this one best but have bookmarked a few others to be tried on soon & wanna see what confectioners sugar too will do to this intensely flavoured spread,thicken it a little differently i guess.

I did tweek it a wee bit coz i didn wanna end up with scrambled egg & also my mind was flooded with a couple of different methods galore…&combined  to this my combi method which i use for custard,gas top(double boiler here)+a min or 2 on high of microwaving has given me excellent results & i played with this here tooI whisked real good ,i have no idea if am right,but thought that this would result in smoothness personified….Well it sits in the fridge & is as delicious as a great lemon curd &i’m already (mentally) working on how best i can introduce lemon curd in many a goody treat.


~~~50 Grams + 25 grams butter

~~~150 Grams(around 3/4 cup)sugar

~~~4 smallish lemons,zest & juice(u could add more for a depth in intenstity of the zingy flav)

~~~2 whole eggs + 1 egg yolk


~~~ Place glass bowl with the 50 grams butter & sugar(reduce sugar if u dont like it too sweet but its supposed to be sweet) on a pan of just simmering water or a double boiler.

~~~cube remaining 25 grams into nice little blobs& keep aside.

~~~As soon as butter begins to melt ,switch off the flame & add zest & lemon juice & fold in well

[in the above pic,from top  left, clockwise, u see the butter & sugar melting. Next zest & lime juice added & blended in]

~~~now whisk the eggs while the butter cools a bit & add well whisked eggs to butter &whisk,blend ,whisk.

~~~On the flame ,over the pot of simmering h2o again & keeping whisking lightly & then stiring with a spoon.

~~~Continue on a medium flame(arnd 14 mins) as curds begins to thicken beautifully,add a blob or 2 of the cut up butter(from the 25 grams but if u wan it really buttery add some more,but unsalted)

~~~Now switch of the flame & take off the glass bowl(carefully,u might wanna use ur mittens here coz its going to be pretty hot) & microwave on high for a min,stir.Add another blob.

~~~Another 30 secs if not thick enough & all the remaining blobs of butter.Good stir

~~~cling bowl with cling film,cool a little & refrigerate for the creamiest smooth lemon curd when u get back.


~~~In the late 19th & early 20th century ,lemon curd was served ,traditionally with bread &scones as a welcome alternative to jam as also as a filling for pies,cakes & tarts & very much continues so..& scones =u.k. so did the preciously delightfull lemon curd originate in the u.k.?

ok just read in that it was in the 19th & early 20th century of england that this delightfull spread originated

i had made some to smear on some tea time goodies but the jar was swiped clean way before that. Lemon curd keeps thickening as it cools.


16 Feb

Truckloads of childhood memories & still building,yeah all that & more is what caramel pudding is to me,pudim/pudim de liete/pudim de caramelo as we so lovingly called this rich,yummy to the last dessertspoon, goan dessert .

Caramel on Foodista

There is no wedding buffet i remember(goan portuguese weddings) that didn have a caramel pudding,(replaced&replenished with expertise as soon as one got wiped off clean) on the extensive dessert menu,the table laden with delights of delightful desserts that often had me have desserts right from my first to last course.

There is no party my parents & family hosted without a delightful pudding to complete the buffets or sit-down dinners.

There was never a month that went by without a pudding sunday….my mommy’s pudding i love the best & my ayah(nanny) & cooks & hiuse help sure did make them better than the rest…….& so firmly but deliciously the pudding took deep roots into my heart….so today i decided to recreate the magical bite with a determination to get it absolutely right.

I usually ask my senses ,ok now what do u feel like the taste of? and go along with that when it comes to foods(read baked goodies & the like besides our 2 sqaure ie rounded up round meals) but today i didn have to talk to my senses ,they nodded in excitement before i did & all the flavours began to play on my mind……bush vanilla essence (artificial vanilla), a hint of nescafe & the absolutely divine burnt sugar topping,caramalized sugar……Oh the options arwe endless,cinnamon sticks add a warm aroma & hint of pale color or nutmeg too.Rose water is refreshingly welcome as is lemon zest….but vanilla e cafe attracts me good allright!!!

Caramel is a rich custard with a soft caramel layer as opposed to the creme brulee that’s a hard caramel layer for the topping & u need no blow torch here though i would love to work with one some day!!!

& honestly today while cleaning the eggs that was putting away i cracked 2 & was fixing grilled fish with baked jacket potato & caramel wine onions so no place for eggs so caramel pudding it was that won hands down.

This is so so easy to make & keep in the fridge that it’s simple & quick to put toether too.As simple as a low hanging fruit in a life like a bowl of cherries,simple & pleasant!!!


For the caramel

1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup water

few drops lime juice(optional but a good addition)

-now i ,as have been following since a kid,caramelize the sugar directly in the mould (steel with lid),it makes things smoother & easier & with caramel u really need to work fast.

-u sure can reduce the amount of sugar but we love it with a nice thick luscious layer & we spread it to all sides.

-u can work with the caramel as dry caramel too,but i have always seen it done this way & i love following the family tradition here.

1) Now all u need to do is keep the sugar ,water & lime juice on the fire & bring to a quick boil stirring all the time.

2) Lower heat till it caramalizes.

watch out not to let it burn else it’ll get a bittery taste.

3) I do love to add a few drops of vanilla & spread as much as u want.

Keep aside as it needs to cool & harden.

For The Pudim

7 eggs separated

1/2 cup sugar(as per taste)

700ml whole milk(or half & half)

a few tbh condensed milk

2 tsp vanilla essence

a tsp of coffee powder(optional but lovely)

-we do use cornflour but instead of that i used icing sugar

-now the flavouring part is entirely optinal,if u want acreamy golden color skip the coffee,u want it deep u can add coco powder.i used expresso with nescafe & vanilla,the whole melee blends perfectly with caramel…

-condensed milk 7 half n half makes it rich & yummier

-if u have a stand mixer or blender great,i would have loved to watch my satnd mixer at work beating the egg whites creamy & then folding in the rest so beautifully!!

-how much sugar to add is absolutely a personal choice or how sweet u want it or if u wanna use a sugar substitute,go right ahead!

1) Separate the eggs & whisk the eggs as much as u can(this applies to me coz i use a hand whisk)

2) Add the vanilla & coffee & sugar. Whisk a little more.

3) In go the sightly beaten yolks & beat in some more.

4) Pour in whatever milk/s using & whisk away.

5) taste & check for sweetness or another dash of vanilla. A pinch of salt & ur done.

6) Strain into well cooled caramel covered mould.cover with lid.

7) Steam in a pressure cooker with some weight on the lid till ur instincts tell u its done(almost an hour). Cool or refrigerate while u brew some lemon cafe.

Unmould and see everybodys expressions giving away their emotions on how fantastic ur pudding is!!!!

Oh yes u can bake it too in a ‘baine-marie’ for around an hour but i so love the steamed version.


11 Feb

This is one of the few power lunches that managed to click coz i can click only when that cell-phones at home with my parents but the only inspiration were the toms….lemme explain why….

(dis was at a time , awhile ago , when i shot only with the phone cam)


ok so we all love toms so much,the few cherry varieties & the others but ever since a tomato plant took root on our lawns ,at our last residence ,on its own(Gods gift to us ) we rarely like or know to appreciate the market stocks…they were absolutely juicy & red & sweet.& plump…..i always wanted to know what the flavour of the toms my parents always talked about having as kids ,in their fields with fishy manure(what one would call organic now)was…now i knew…..delish h h & the best part was that we had a very very regular supply for quite some time to come that our local veg supplier even asked us why we stopped buying toms….i proudly told him about our tommy plant….he wasnt happy…:-)

Now last week when one of us when marketing(we all love to go marketing for fresh produce & many a time all go along with cloth bags(think save enviroment) ),actually came back with a huge bag full of the juicest red tomatoes ever,a very rare find,a few even had their stalks on,pity i didn picture them but we are going to go hunting for those toms soonnnnn

Usually what we really do is cut up some toms ,add a pinch of sugar & salt & generous helping of  portuguese olive oil with cilantro to complete the garnish. You can add anyt herbs u fancy to this & use it either as a dressing or tangy salad. This is something i do more than just a couple a times a week coz my parents love them……

A good meal always has a nice veg accompaniment,i love to chose local produce,the flavour is different & make it as healthy as i can. I dont use any oil for veg ever,even though we use only virgin oil(figaro is best in 5 litre cans or bottle) but a wee bit of grated coconut(i grate it in the mixi with some garlic & freeze) or a few tbh of coconut milk(very light,dilute) is sometimes welcome…


I love,we all love non-veg. The chicken to the left is an absolutely healthy recipe(my inspiration)which i will post. Sprinkled with toasted almonds(not shown here)it was a winner that afternoon,swiped clean. More often than not i cook twice ,with all the jugling i have to do but i have a small break with my next examination not very near so i can multi task so far…..



My Goan COnnection…

28 Jan

I’m from the land of not only sun,sea n sandy shores et all (minus d heat n humidity) but also salted fish and shrimps n mango seeds n “bimblis”,(all is a luscious creamy goan curry )that let you try ur hands at loads of traditional delicacies,starters and salads n curries(but not in ahurry )main courses all at once!!my hearts in this………….so much of choice but am never spoilt for it in all things salted ,dried ,preserved or otherwise in our hot goan sun!

my hearts in this too!now before you conjure up a general picture that goan cuisine n me is just about salted salties n d likes,lemme get alive n churning ,coz kicking i already am, there is much more to goan cuisine and me,seeped in traditional cooking (complimented with goa-portuguese culinary delights)that you dont often bump into though! my heart is here too!

but once u’d know d true flavour of that luscious curry,generous helping over a mound of local rice,with d perfect balance of home grown spices ground on d huge grinding stone in your backyard n simmered on wood fire,oh u’ll go in there again n again n again!!!oh ,d goan mango curry ,they make it nowhere like here(but then belive me when i say that havent had it anywhere else to know,hehehe)well humour aside,its simply perfect the soul of ur typical goan meal,goan shrimp or just outa d sea fish curry,rice n fried shrimps n fish lunch,with loads of “side” additions…my hearts in this too!!!

the tangyness of the green mangoes doesnt bring out but completes d rich smoothness of the freshly squeezed coconut milk n local prawns,tiny dey may be(d big good things come in small packages applies here,replacin things with taste n flavour n packages w local prawns ie),just invite you to pile on d fat rounded local rice onto ur plate, as ur already enjoying the aroma thats long doing its rounds rather strongly i mustn forget to add!!my hearts in here too…………..well is it my feet ,hands and head in too many boats…..well not literally coz it all comes down to pouring oevr pots n pans n more…n where this is concerned i ‘d love to be wholly on every single boat giving it my bestest shot………..some day truly

this ia another long list that i love …in my heart…love to cook ,clean n serve n vice versa! Cooking,baking, shredding, mincing,whisking, whipping n all its sciences excite me = more than just interests me! ! !

so does exploring nature and plonking myself on the beach chair(under a huge shady umbrella) sipping chai n pakoras(cheese i like i like) or cafe e emphadinhas e pasteis or lime water with sandwhiches,gazing at d varied hues d setting sun has to offer ,one of the very few of natures amazingly perfect and bountiful gifts….

n yeah with that i remember photography,all the above mentioned n below i live to photograph so so much

n now that brings me to writing n researching every topic thats holds more than just my interest!!!!


At times ,from this distance on a height i feel like am walking or floating on air….

and ofcourse shopping for anything connected with the above(very restricted u see) right from ingredients be they day to day,cute or exotic, to kitchen tools to interiors to good perfumes!!Oh it thrills me to bits & tickles me pink……

this list can go on but i want to tire none so FULL STOP here……….



Ever so often when i gaze into nature as this,i feel on top of thw world,like on cloud nine floating on 7th heaven…….




I’m from the land of not only sun,sea n sandy shores et all (minus d heat n humidity) but also salted fish and shrimps nmango seeds n “bimblis”,(all is a luscious creamy goan curry )that let you try ur hands at loads of traditional delicacies,starters and salads n curries(but not in ahurry )main courses all at once!!my hearts in this………….so much of choice but am never spoilt for it in all things salted ,dried ,preserved or otherwise in our hot goan sun!my hearts in this too!now before you conjure up a general picture that goan cuisine n me is just about salted salties n d likes,lemme get alive n churning ,coz kicking i already am, there is much more to goan cuisine and me,seeped in traditional cooking (complimented with goa-portuguese culinary delights)that you dont often bump into though! my heart is here too!but once u’d know d true flavour of that luscious curry,generous helping over a mound of local rice,with d perfect balance of home grown spices ground on d huge grinding stone in your backyard n simmered on wood fire,oh u’ll go in there again n again n again!!!oh ,d goan mango curry ,they make it nowhere like here(but then belive me when i say that havent had it anywhere else to know,hehehe)well humour aside,its simply perfect the soul of ur typical goan meal,goan shrimp or just outa d sea fish curry,rice n fried shrimps n fish lunch,with loads of “side” additions…my hearts in this too!!!the tangyness of the green mangoes doesnt bring out but completes d rich smoothness of the freshly squeezed coconut milk n local prawns,tiny dey may be(d big good things come in small packages applies here,replacin things with taste n flavour n packages w local prawns ie),just invite you to pile on d fat rounded local rice onto ur plate, as ur already enjoying the aroma thats long doing its rounds rather strongly i mustn forget to add!!my hearts in here too…………..well is it my feet ,hands and head in too many boats…..well not literally coz it all comes down to pouring oevr pots n pans n more…n where this is concerned i ‘d love to be wholly on every single boat giving it my bestest shot………..some day truly


19 Jan

ok,Its mid-oct {yeah this recipe was written last oct},hols are being enjoyed but the weather ain’t….a few days ago the winds changed & brought along a cooler air that oh …we thought….winters here ,how wrong was that…summers here again the last 2days& nobody wans to leave their a/c cooled bedrooms till the whiffs of brunch begin to float around …..

Many a time,no no ,almost always,dinners hardly over & we are all talking about breakfast,oh the foodies that we are,and over the weekend its more of a brunch ,with the luxury of sleeping in late.Brunches have all sorts of ‘filling'(read hearty) deliciousness floating all around with excited conversations over

pots of tea &expresso or coffee & a jar of lemonade too(no juice here).

Chourico’s with scrambled eggs or a goan chourico-pao(stay tuned) or muffins with home-made mango jam & back to school cupcakes,or love ’em all.As much as the club wraps(coming soon) & local bread stuffed with a filling of last nights roast chicken or was it more like a plate piled with fillings and a tasted buttered bread in hand relishing ’em all.

I loved to read  about the belief that brunch was coined in the UK IN THE 1800’S by the publication hunters weekly,from which was born a slang amoung the youth.

On the other hand its also believed that the NY Morning Sun Reporter used the term to describe miday eating indulgences of the reporters(Thanks Meeta)

And yeah a few buttered ‘paos’ with the home-made mangada,which mom & me at times,dont replace but add on with a pot of zesty lemon curd…oh its perfect with that  ‘pao-de-lo’.

And mom & me still love a pudim de caremelo & i an added topping of caramel sauce(and mom’s beautiful smiling face by my side)

Whatever’s on the table i love a brunch as much as mom,as do all of u & there’s nothing to replace a good sunday family brunch filled with laughter & song,heralding a relaxed day ahead!!!

Ok i did take the orders yesterday,now what were they? Was it one tea+2 flat breads & who said double espresso with french toast……just kidding ,i love to know & keep everbodys palatte alive in my heart not so much for the attention & compliments my way but more so coz i love my family so so so much & they all so dang cute & adorable.

Fritatta on Foodista

One ‘f my little bros said, ‘omlette’… plonking in his fav corner,well the phulkas were ready & if i got going the masala chai’s, english breakfast tea & coffee would all be set in 3 jiffy’s.

I was first introduced to frittata a few months back & love what an egg can do,the possibilities are endless,the additions too many & i have a whole post dedicated to just that but this one began as a traditional ommey & finished as a frittata(almost)…and can u truly go wrong with eggs…i doubt….

And this was truly a fiiting brunch that kept all our tummies full till high -tea…..


—-4 eggs

—-1 onion,very finely chopped

—-1 tomato very finely chopped

—-cilantro,finely chopped

—-salt & pepper to taste

—-few roasted walnuts

Whisk the above till light & frothy. Add a tbh of milk & some cream cheese(optional)


—-finely sliced zuchinni

—-cherry toms

—-whole peeled walnuts,lightly roasted

—-few sprigs cilantro/parsely/mint/basil

Ok now heat a non-stick pan with olive oil. U can add a blob of butter too. Pour the well whisked eggy mix. Cook covered on low fire.

When the base is done garnish with any of above/cheese/cold-meats/mashed potato & place under grill(make sure the handle of the pan is away from the grill) Brown as much as u guys love. Thats it.Loved it both with local breads & phulkas…

the zuchini and cherry toms with walnuts strikes well ,so would buttered mushrooms & asparagus or cold meats too…

&cheese thats been just grilled in the best thing that can happen to breakfast aint it,that too i’m a sweety at breakfast.sweety=muffins,buuttery scones with lemon curd,lemon tarts,brownies & cup cakes…u know all these goodies or dunking cookies for a good cafe.

this amazing ommey at the same time almost frittata can not only be brucnh but as a great snack & appetizer too when cubed & toothpicked with red peppers

There is something about a brunch ,thats fascinating,for me my idea of a great sunday catching up with family in an absolutely relaxed sing song manner &amp,oh i would love to bring along this delicious lemon curd to go with that coffee cake and alsothis luscious golden treasure, caramel, for those scones or muffins or cookies.

maybe ,seated under our fav mango tree on a green carpet of lawn ,i’d love to carry my picnic basket filled with all those brunchy goodies & laze around with mom & family,breeze blowing thru my loose hair,and sea-winds with a salty aroma about the air ,atop the hill,our sights set on the vast expanse of sea below…..

as we drive back home,a long while later,tanned faces & dimpled smiles,tummies filled with all the goodies ,we are all happy & our little impronto picnic continues home with leisurely relaxed minds!!!!


4 Jan


The wrap rolls well with a good drizzle of myo based dressing on fresher than the fresh brite green lettuce on a nice chunks of non veggy meats that delight&satisfy all at once……….&…; i drool yet again……..&yet again; dig around to produce something nearly visually so appetising that saw on that ad…. & yeah the next morning the breakfast witnessed just that….an attractive wrap or wraps(more on this soon)

Yup,now for the breakfast session that day,the inspiration was purely visual ,almost like an interective display,thanx to all those yummy wrap ads which we have dont have acsess too(if u didn already know we have no branch of macD nor KFC here ,thank u)as also my newfound passion for rolling soft phulkas,somewhere i never thought i’d tread,yeah this was one road i had no confidence of walking by!!!

Now again, what is with breakfast that so inspires???besides being the time when my digestive system has a heart-to-heart talk with my metabolism kickstarted ie, it aint breakfast television ofcourse coz i like none of that,i’d rather chat u know& yes get going too besides keep stuff for lunch ready!!!oh yeah breaking a fast always does interest ,hold attention & inspire digging around the fridge or pantry supplies & viola………a short while later ur out with a yummy yummy yum delicacy perfeto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there were loads of options flooding my brains for the non-veg part of it…. 🙂

like how about a roast with a blandish flav ,not goan spicy kind[our spicy aint punget,just flavourful mix of spices,not  too hot chillies too),like a nuetral but very flavourful flavour,u get the picture…no u dont na…what is with words when u need them most…………….

like more of a western or european roast kinda so here i come up with something that kinda runs across the globe in my own small (world) way!

its goan, at d same time indian,at the same portuguese,at the same time italian & at the same time french………heavy profile huh?????no way lemme share the easy secret, 🙂 pure goan vinegar,indian (mild)kashmiri chilly,portuguese & italian olive oil & french onion soup..left the other ingredients out coz these are the ones that determine the flavour,me thinks.So here goes……

1)washed roast,salted ,rubbed in loads of lime,drained well ,washed a bit.(u dont want it too salty coz i salted it really well i think its gets off any meaty smells,d not nice ones ie but honestly there were no not nice ones in the first place,hehehe)

2) marinated the beef, around a pound ie 450 grms, with i pod garlic, a piece of ginger,green chilly crushed & pounded whole & half red kasmiri chilly.

3)well lime & a dash vinegar too.with an onion cubed& a chicken maggi.

4)wrapped cling foil over the glass marinating dish & sit it in the refrigerator the whole night thru.


u can afford to sleep in late coz htis will hardly take a few minutes to put by,quicker than a wink honestly!!!

so got a few pics. on after thought added a cupful of boneless chicken too[a few pieces of chicken with the roast slice on a wrap will be………….just that,a few pieces of boneless chicken on the roast slices… v interesting ]

a few peppercorns crushed ; a good drizzle of portuguese extra virgin olive oil& a tbh of chicken broth powder.

now to get my “”crockpot””(p.c. ie) going ,had it heating italian extra virgin oil with a litlle blob of butter ; caramelized sugar….oh love the chemistry of food that browned the meat so well &; soon had juices running.

so time to tip in all the marinade @a cup full& little more of french onion soup[my frozen homemade french onionn soup me had slow cooked with home made chicken broth that took a couple of hours!!!delish that was,thank God i made extra to freeze.]and 3 potatoes-this sweet starch never goes out ie goes in with all.

Now all that needs to be done is  cook till its really tender & u can actually pull it apart with a fork.

Make a sauce by simmering to reduce some of the marinade for a perfect french dip sandwhich or wrap a wrap or fix dinner.

unfortunately my roast was finished faster than i thought so didn have many optins to try but will soon be make a “bigger” chunk for variety tasting &posting too…..

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