3 Mar

Hiii Every Body,if ur here , u Love Goa as much as u are proud member of Curtorim Village.

We are soo happy and proud to have u here too .

We want to hear what u have to say , and not only say , but we want to publish ur fav recipes , right here at CV foodies zone.

Yeah , ur recipes , all u need to do is email us ur recipe , with a nice pic or 2 or even more , ur fav home traditional recipe or otherwise.

Add to it the info , ur info ,u would like us to publish and pic too , if u want , all that will be added ,also , to our hall of fame , here ,on CV foodies zone.

Thats all.

To be eligible all u need to do is Like CV on Facebook here and Follow CV foodies HERE.

ANd thats not all , from all the entries ,we will pick the best , of the best,and u will receive a nice stash of Vanilla beans , will post all the deliciousness of the beans here soon , till then u can read about them here and here.

Email ur recipes to with ”RECIPE 4 CV” in the subject and i will update the blog every week , and more if possible , + i will add ur details and links to the YOUR RECIPE page on CV foodies.

So run on , write ur recipes , with clear instructions and ingredients ,and the best of the best , will win a prize , and if there are too many entries , that might jus be 2 or 3 prizes.

Another thing , prizes will be to a goan address ,as far as possible , so if u arent in Goa , u can send it to ur friend in Goa or even family.

All the best and so looking forward to hear from u all.


Mia and the Gang at CV.



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