3 Mar

Clear soup is a makes for a delicious yet healthy late evening snack & we usually have a round of soups way before dinner.

Plus its perfect for the Summery months where eating lite is one of the best way thru the heat and humidity.

Ofcourse we love rich soups too but i love working my way towards healthy options at the most with a drizzle of portuguese extra virgin olive oil while serving.

This is an absolutely delicious ,quick to put by chicken soup with red peppers & a zucchinni green pea garnish. Tried a smoked zuchinni & red pepper garnish too & loved the sweet smoky flavours that develop.

Now all u do is place all the ingredients in a pressure cooker,easy peasy,thats so easydid have one change of water before i sealed it though,read here for more on it and when its done add the red peppers & frozen green peas saving some for garnish. would have loved to add sliced mushrooms & a sprig of parsely here…..and mushrooms ,panner or tofu,broccoli will fit like a glove for a veggie version of this soup.

I loved the flavour ginger lends to this clear soup & an addition of glass noodles or drop egg would be lovely too but i didn wanna repeat this quick.

U can sure flavour this one with garlic too and cinnamon or any sweet spice in place of cloves but i simply love this combination

Chicken Thigh on Foodista

1 pound of chicken(i used one thigh & few bony pieces but a breast fillet would be great too)

a nice piece of ginger crushed

1-2 onions finely chopped

a few cloves

salt to taste(or a little stock powder)

pepper(as per taste-i didn use this)

1. Place all of the above with enough water and pressure cook for 2 whistles.

2. Red peppers-sliced or cubed

Zuchinni- sliced to garnish

Frozen or boiled peas as per taste


3. Add the green peas finally  if frozen as they are done in a jiffy.

4. serve hot clear soup garnished with shredded chicken,zuchinni,green peas & red peppers.

DIDn add even a tsp of oil ,its all from the chicken only but would taste great with a dash of extra virgin surely.



  1. yummychunklet March 3, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    I love clear soups! This looks so delicious! The colors of the ingredients and the fact that you can see what you’re eating is always a positive.

  2. curtorimfoodieszone March 4, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    Oh yummy C , am on the same page with u!
    Thannxx a bunch.

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