16 Feb

Truckloads of childhood memories & still building,yeah all that & more is what caramel pudding is to me,pudim/pudim de liete/pudim de caramelo as we so lovingly called this rich,yummy to the last dessertspoon, goan dessert .

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There is no wedding buffet i remember(goan portuguese weddings) that didn have a caramel pudding,(replaced&replenished with expertise as soon as one got wiped off clean) on the extensive dessert menu,the table laden with delights of delightful desserts that often had me have desserts right from my first to last course.

There is no party my parents & family hosted without a delightful pudding to complete the buffets or sit-down dinners.

There was never a month that went by without a pudding sunday….my mommy’s pudding i love the best & my ayah(nanny) & cooks & hiuse help sure did make them better than the rest…….& so firmly but deliciously the pudding took deep roots into my heart….so today i decided to recreate the magical bite with a determination to get it absolutely right.

I usually ask my senses ,ok now what do u feel like the taste of? and go along with that when it comes to foods(read baked goodies & the like besides our 2 sqaure ie rounded up round meals) but today i didn have to talk to my senses ,they nodded in excitement before i did & all the flavours began to play on my mind……bush vanilla essence (artificial vanilla), a hint of nescafe & the absolutely divine burnt sugar topping,caramalized sugar……Oh the options arwe endless,cinnamon sticks add a warm aroma & hint of pale color or nutmeg too.Rose water is refreshingly welcome as is lemon zest….but vanilla e cafe attracts me good allright!!!

Caramel is a rich custard with a soft caramel layer as opposed to the creme brulee that’s a hard caramel layer for the topping & u need no blow torch here though i would love to work with one some day!!!

& honestly today while cleaning the eggs that was putting away i cracked 2 & was fixing grilled fish with baked jacket potato & caramel wine onions so no place for eggs so caramel pudding it was that won hands down.

This is so so easy to make & keep in the fridge that it’s simple & quick to put toether too.As simple as a low hanging fruit in a life like a bowl of cherries,simple & pleasant!!!


For the caramel

1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup water

few drops lime juice(optional but a good addition)

-now i ,as have been following since a kid,caramelize the sugar directly in the mould (steel with lid),it makes things smoother & easier & with caramel u really need to work fast.

-u sure can reduce the amount of sugar but we love it with a nice thick luscious layer & we spread it to all sides.

-u can work with the caramel as dry caramel too,but i have always seen it done this way & i love following the family tradition here.

1) Now all u need to do is keep the sugar ,water & lime juice on the fire & bring to a quick boil stirring all the time.

2) Lower heat till it caramalizes.

watch out not to let it burn else it’ll get a bittery taste.

3) I do love to add a few drops of vanilla & spread as much as u want.

Keep aside as it needs to cool & harden.

For The Pudim

7 eggs separated

1/2 cup sugar(as per taste)

700ml whole milk(or half & half)

a few tbh condensed milk

2 tsp vanilla essence

a tsp of coffee powder(optional but lovely)

-we do use cornflour but instead of that i used icing sugar

-now the flavouring part is entirely optinal,if u want acreamy golden color skip the coffee,u want it deep u can add coco powder.i used expresso with nescafe & vanilla,the whole melee blends perfectly with caramel…

-condensed milk 7 half n half makes it rich & yummier

-if u have a stand mixer or blender great,i would have loved to watch my satnd mixer at work beating the egg whites creamy & then folding in the rest so beautifully!!

-how much sugar to add is absolutely a personal choice or how sweet u want it or if u wanna use a sugar substitute,go right ahead!

1) Separate the eggs & whisk the eggs as much as u can(this applies to me coz i use a hand whisk)

2) Add the vanilla & coffee & sugar. Whisk a little more.

3) In go the sightly beaten yolks & beat in some more.

4) Pour in whatever milk/s using & whisk away.

5) taste & check for sweetness or another dash of vanilla. A pinch of salt & ur done.

6) Strain into well cooled caramel covered mould.cover with lid.

7) Steam in a pressure cooker with some weight on the lid till ur instincts tell u its done(almost an hour). Cool or refrigerate while u brew some lemon cafe.

Unmould and see everybodys expressions giving away their emotions on how fantastic ur pudding is!!!!

Oh yes u can bake it too in a ‘baine-marie’ for around an hour but i so love the steamed version.



  1. yummychunklet February 16, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    This looks absolutely delicious! It seems similar to flan in look and texture. Is this right?

  2. Three-Cookies February 20, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    Sounds really really delicious

  3. Umm Mymoonah February 24, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    Wow! What a delicious pudding, looks amazing.

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