11 Feb

This is one of the few power lunches that managed to click coz i can click only when that cell-phones at home with my parents but the only inspiration were the toms….lemme explain why….

(dis was at a time , awhile ago , when i shot only with the phone cam)


ok so we all love toms so much,the few cherry varieties & the others but ever since a tomato plant took root on our lawns ,at our last residence ,on its own(Gods gift to us ) we rarely like or know to appreciate the market stocks…they were absolutely juicy & red & sweet.& plump…..i always wanted to know what the flavour of the toms my parents always talked about having as kids ,in their fields with fishy manure(what one would call organic now)was…now i knew…..delish h h & the best part was that we had a very very regular supply for quite some time to come that our local veg supplier even asked us why we stopped buying toms….i proudly told him about our tommy plant….he wasnt happy…:-)

Now last week when one of us when marketing(we all love to go marketing for fresh produce & many a time all go along with cloth bags(think save enviroment) ),actually came back with a huge bag full of the juicest red tomatoes ever,a very rare find,a few even had their stalks on,pity i didn picture them but we are going to go hunting for those toms soonnnnn

Usually what we really do is cut up some toms ,add a pinch of sugar & salt & generous helping of  portuguese olive oil with cilantro to complete the garnish. You can add anyt herbs u fancy to this & use it either as a dressing or tangy salad. This is something i do more than just a couple a times a week coz my parents love them……

A good meal always has a nice veg accompaniment,i love to chose local produce,the flavour is different & make it as healthy as i can. I dont use any oil for veg ever,even though we use only virgin oil(figaro is best in 5 litre cans or bottle) but a wee bit of grated coconut(i grate it in the mixi with some garlic & freeze) or a few tbh of coconut milk(very light,dilute) is sometimes welcome…


I love,we all love non-veg. The chicken to the left is an absolutely healthy recipe(my inspiration)which i will post. Sprinkled with toasted almonds(not shown here)it was a winner that afternoon,swiped clean. More often than not i cook twice ,with all the jugling i have to do but i have a small break with my next examination not very near so i can multi task so far…..




2 Responses to “PLATTER “FULL” O POWER LUNCH…..”

  1. yummychunklet February 11, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

    Even with a camera phone this looks delicious!

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