19 Jan

ok,Its mid-oct {yeah this recipe was written last oct},hols are being enjoyed but the weather ain’t….a few days ago the winds changed & brought along a cooler air that oh …we thought….winters here ,how wrong was that…summers here again the last 2days& nobody wans to leave their a/c cooled bedrooms till the whiffs of brunch begin to float around …..

Many a time,no no ,almost always,dinners hardly over & we are all talking about breakfast,oh the foodies that we are,and over the weekend its more of a brunch ,with the luxury of sleeping in late.Brunches have all sorts of ‘filling'(read hearty) deliciousness floating all around with excited conversations over

pots of tea &expresso or coffee & a jar of lemonade too(no juice here).

Chourico’s with scrambled eggs or a goan chourico-pao(stay tuned) or muffins with home-made mango jam & back to school cupcakes,or love ’em all.As much as the club wraps(coming soon) & local bread stuffed with a filling of last nights roast chicken or was it more like a plate piled with fillings and a tasted buttered bread in hand relishing ’em all.

I loved to read  about the belief that brunch was coined in the UK IN THE 1800’S by the publication hunters weekly,from which was born a slang amoung the youth.

On the other hand its also believed that the NY Morning Sun Reporter used the term to describe miday eating indulgences of the reporters(Thanks Meeta)

And yeah a few buttered ‘paos’ with the home-made mangada,which mom & me at times,dont replace but add on with a pot of zesty lemon curd…oh its perfect with that  ‘pao-de-lo’.

And mom & me still love a pudim de caremelo & i an added topping of caramel sauce(and mom’s beautiful smiling face by my side)

Whatever’s on the table i love a brunch as much as mom,as do all of u & there’s nothing to replace a good sunday family brunch filled with laughter & song,heralding a relaxed day ahead!!!

Ok i did take the orders yesterday,now what were they? Was it one tea+2 flat breads & who said double espresso with french toast……just kidding ,i love to know & keep everbodys palatte alive in my heart not so much for the attention & compliments my way but more so coz i love my family so so so much & they all so dang cute & adorable.

Fritatta on Foodista

One ‘f my little bros said, ‘omlette’… plonking in his fav corner,well the phulkas were ready & if i got going the masala chai’s, english breakfast tea & coffee would all be set in 3 jiffy’s.

I was first introduced to frittata a few months back & love what an egg can do,the possibilities are endless,the additions too many & i have a whole post dedicated to just that but this one began as a traditional ommey & finished as a frittata(almost)…and can u truly go wrong with eggs…i doubt….

And this was truly a fiiting brunch that kept all our tummies full till high -tea…..


—-4 eggs

—-1 onion,very finely chopped

—-1 tomato very finely chopped

—-cilantro,finely chopped

—-salt & pepper to taste

—-few roasted walnuts

Whisk the above till light & frothy. Add a tbh of milk & some cream cheese(optional)


—-finely sliced zuchinni

—-cherry toms

—-whole peeled walnuts,lightly roasted

—-few sprigs cilantro/parsely/mint/basil

Ok now heat a non-stick pan with olive oil. U can add a blob of butter too. Pour the well whisked eggy mix. Cook covered on low fire.

When the base is done garnish with any of above/cheese/cold-meats/mashed potato & place under grill(make sure the handle of the pan is away from the grill) Brown as much as u guys love. Thats it.Loved it both with local breads & phulkas…

the zuchini and cherry toms with walnuts strikes well ,so would buttered mushrooms & asparagus or cold meats too…

&cheese thats been just grilled in the best thing that can happen to breakfast aint it,that too i’m a sweety at breakfast.sweety=muffins,buuttery scones with lemon curd,lemon tarts,brownies & cup cakes…u know all these goodies or dunking cookies for a good cafe.

this amazing ommey at the same time almost frittata can not only be brucnh but as a great snack & appetizer too when cubed & toothpicked with red peppers

There is something about a brunch ,thats fascinating,for me my idea of a great sunday catching up with family in an absolutely relaxed sing song manner &amp,oh i would love to bring along this delicious lemon curd to go with that coffee cake and alsothis luscious golden treasure, caramel, for those scones or muffins or cookies.

maybe ,seated under our fav mango tree on a green carpet of lawn ,i’d love to carry my picnic basket filled with all those brunchy goodies & laze around with mom & family,breeze blowing thru my loose hair,and sea-winds with a salty aroma about the air ,atop the hill,our sights set on the vast expanse of sea below…..

as we drive back home,a long while later,tanned faces & dimpled smiles,tummies filled with all the goodies ,we are all happy & our little impronto picnic continues home with leisurely relaxed minds!!!!


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