4 Jan


The wrap rolls well with a good drizzle of myo based dressing on fresher than the fresh brite green lettuce on a nice chunks of non veggy meats that delight&satisfy all at once……….&…; i drool yet again……..&yet again; dig around to produce something nearly visually so appetising that saw on that ad…. & yeah the next morning the breakfast witnessed just that….an attractive wrap or wraps(more on this soon)

Yup,now for the breakfast session that day,the inspiration was purely visual ,almost like an interective display,thanx to all those yummy wrap ads which we have dont have acsess too(if u didn already know we have no branch of macD nor KFC here ,thank u)as also my newfound passion for rolling soft phulkas,somewhere i never thought i’d tread,yeah this was one road i had no confidence of walking by!!!

Now again, what is with breakfast that so inspires???besides being the time when my digestive system has a heart-to-heart talk with my metabolism kickstarted ie, it aint breakfast television ofcourse coz i like none of that,i’d rather chat u know& yes get going too besides keep stuff for lunch ready!!!oh yeah breaking a fast always does interest ,hold attention & inspire digging around the fridge or pantry supplies & viola………a short while later ur out with a yummy yummy yum delicacy perfeto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there were loads of options flooding my brains for the non-veg part of it…. 🙂

like how about a roast with a blandish flav ,not goan spicy kind[our spicy aint punget,just flavourful mix of spices,not  too hot chillies too),like a nuetral but very flavourful flavour,u get the picture…no u dont na…what is with words when u need them most…………….

like more of a western or european roast kinda so here i come up with something that kinda runs across the globe in my own small (world) way!

its goan, at d same time indian,at the same portuguese,at the same time italian & at the same time french………heavy profile huh?????no way lemme share the easy secret, 🙂 pure goan vinegar,indian (mild)kashmiri chilly,portuguese & italian olive oil & french onion soup..left the other ingredients out coz these are the ones that determine the flavour,me thinks.So here goes……

1)washed roast,salted ,rubbed in loads of lime,drained well ,washed a bit.(u dont want it too salty coz i salted it really well i think its gets off any meaty smells,d not nice ones ie but honestly there were no not nice ones in the first place,hehehe)

2) marinated the beef, around a pound ie 450 grms, with i pod garlic, a piece of ginger,green chilly crushed & pounded whole & half red kasmiri chilly.

3)well lime & a dash vinegar too.with an onion cubed& a chicken maggi.

4)wrapped cling foil over the glass marinating dish & sit it in the refrigerator the whole night thru.


u can afford to sleep in late coz htis will hardly take a few minutes to put by,quicker than a wink honestly!!!

so got a few pics. on after thought added a cupful of boneless chicken too[a few pieces of chicken with the roast slice on a wrap will be………….just that,a few pieces of boneless chicken on the roast slices…..so v interesting ]

a few peppercorns crushed ; a good drizzle of portuguese extra virgin olive oil& a tbh of chicken broth powder.

now to get my “”crockpot””(p.c. ie) going ,had it heating italian extra virgin oil with a litlle blob of butter ; caramelized sugar….oh love the chemistry of food that browned the meat so well &; soon had juices running.

so time to tip in all the marinade @a cup full& little more of french onion soup[my frozen homemade french onionn soup me had slow cooked with home made chicken broth that took a couple of hours!!!delish that was,thank God i made extra to freeze.]and 3 potatoes-this sweet starch never goes out ie goes in with all.

Now all that needs to be done is  cook till its really tender & u can actually pull it apart with a fork.

Make a sauce by simmering to reduce some of the marinade for a perfect french dip sandwhich or wrap a wrap or fix dinner.

unfortunately my roast was finished faster than i thought so didn have many optins to try but will soon be make a “bigger” chunk for variety tasting &posting too…..



  1. yummychunklet January 14, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    Great photos and great post! I look forward to reading your blog in the future and have added you to my Google Reader!

    • curtorimfoodieszone January 19, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

      ha ha , Yummy C , ur the sweetest!
      reall happy to have to u here and hope to live up:-)

  2. yummychunklet January 14, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    Lol. I just realized which blog this was! As I was scrolling through older posts, I knew it sounded familiar! I’m still looking forward to reading more posts!

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