22 Dec


Hiiii every body!!

Dont we jus all loveee to be in Goa at Christmas time!

Aint it jus soo Merry and Gay….

And along with that , we are always looking out for places to eat , pure home cooked food! Home cooked food ,even if u have been and are going to be on the move the whole day , as also for a little relaxation.


Now why is this coming from a foodie who loves to cook ???

Coz i lovee discovering a place or 2 ,where i can simply relax, let my hair down and feel like home….well…almost and if u so wonderful a view ,as u lunch , it couldn get better.

Or maybe it could get better , what with food that follows oh so deliciously!


Ok , have to tell u the place ,dont i ?

Well its the famous place , under the Zuari Bridge!

Whether ur heading from Curtorim to Panjim on a shopping expedition or whether ur heading to the airport to catch a flight ….

or maybe u have headed to the mon/wednsdy.friday bazaars in the north of Goa, where ever u might have headed and ur heading back to or from Curtorim and whether its 12pm or 4pm , a lunch here is fantastic!

Of course ,im gonna tell u in a bit ,why!!

some more green to soothe u ...and relish ur seafood...

Oh from the fresh catch of the day to a simple goan steamed rice platter with fish curry ,little fried fish , crispy an some home matured pickle , this one is not to miss.

They have a very limited menu , but yet a good choice of fish , whether u want it crumb .rawa fried or masala fried.

+its family run and u feel like its home , a nice feel of a goan village home…

the noons are relaxed with the family members not only attending to u with a smile {i have been here twice and they are sweet}, but also hanging around the place among their own ….

Children prance around , swing on a hand made swing , and when tired of that climb up the not very big trees….u get the feel of a perfect goan afternoon….

U’ll also catch them running around dragging a rope or two ,to which is tied some shaggy toy….

and then there is a very neatly laid clothes line by the side , with very neatly laid clothes , all clipped well , not to fly with the warm ,cool ,lite or strong breeze that blows by….

almost feels like the little shrimps and fresh little crispy fried fish are caught in by the tide here

Even if u dont enjoy the lovely food , u will love the rustic ambiance and get a feel of goa , a goan village.

And if there’s family and super company {this one’s for u SK, we loved doing this with u}, then its a super cool experience with thoughts to treasure and memories to drool by…

as calm as the afternoon that goes by , but belies the tingle in ur taste buds galore...

And if u do take a little walk around and explore-u must and u’ll be able to tuck in more- u’ll bump into some drift wood and art pieces , loved them ….

pretty drift wood is it?

a close up , jus for u….

wont my cookies look great on this one??

wish i could carry it home 🙂

Ahh ,now i will sure have ur attention ,,,,to the fullest ,coz the food arrives and well lemme please take some pics before we diggg in…..

crispy rawa/semolina fried bombay duck anyone???fresh and melt in ur mouth1

And how about some masala fried Chonak , well i really dont know what thats called in English and would loveee for some help here…

masala fried chonak , fresh , a little spicy , but good!

Prices are so reasonable ,almost cheap and no they dont serve onion with any sea food , if ur asking….

a spread of sea food, love to munch on those tomato slices in between mouthfulls of seafood!

Ahh Kingfish…not kingfisher ….kingfish… the way there are ”seasons” for when fish is full o flavor ,lods of seasoned foodies will tell u exactly how it works, wisdom  i love to pick up always.

red masala fried kingfish , oh so good!

Mackrels, bangdo to a goan ….always loved by one and all , u must have this one ,coz its more often fresh than not…..

red masala stuffed bangdo , spicy , so make sure u have a limca/pepsi at arms lenght , chilled please!

and for u looking beyond seafood , there is some chicken too , well fried chicken , add some rice there and enjoy…

chicken chilly fry

aint a chilly lover , but loved the deep green glossy hue these chillies took in…

chillies , vibrant glossy hued!

and some more king fish…..deliciously fresh catch of the day!!

doesnt this make ya hungry????

this masala fried goodness completes a hearty goan meal...

and so does this.....bombay duck...

a complete meal with goan steamed rice, thin coconut curry , nice pickle , and crispy fried fish!

dunno where i missed the pics of the crispy fried shrimps/prawns, love the size , the smaller ones ,that are soft and succulent and oh so flavorful and not to forget fresh!

So do hop by for a whole new experience in a goan lunch , like a little village by the sea , children running around , they play Christmas carols for u too and more…..

U’ll lovee it all , and SK , wasnt the same without u:-)))

And oh , cant forget the view can i!!

pretty and relaxing...


5 Responses to “EATING OUT IN GOA on ur way TO CURTORIM VILLAGE”

  1. curtorimfoodieszone December 22, 2010 at 9:21 pm #

    the pics on this blog are best viewed on firefox!

  2. shivani January 13, 2011 at 7:02 am #

    your pics are mouthwatering lol ! beautiful ! have i missed something??? i could not find what place this is. your description is too good mmmmm. please tell me the name of this places

    • curtorimfoodieszone January 19, 2011 at 5:35 pm #

      Hiii Shivani , this is the rest under the Zuari bridge 🙂 u have to take a left turn , jus before the bridge ,on ur way from the south to the north, its kinda down, the whole package is fantastic !
      Loved the exprnce!

      • shivani February 7, 2011 at 7:27 am #

        its truly a magical place. lol since this was first time in Goa i did not decipher what is a ‘rest’ when i read your reply. But once in GOA i realized that a rest is the equivalent of what we in north india call dhaba( roadside eating place) with the difference that in GOA it also includes drinks. The name of the place is Bonnys Rest/deck and we visited it on our way to cavelossim from calangute. Hubby n kiddo enjoyed rava n masala fish. the river flowing alongside with gentle breeze perfect place to while away the day lazily.

  3. Louise Fernandes May 20, 2015 at 10:18 am #

    Wow, this is a trance induced site. I was so hoping for a response to my comment, but I will be waiting forever, or until the trance wears off.

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